I Did a Whole Exercise Class Just to Talk to Ivan Drago, the Rocky Supervillain

I wanted to see what's happened in the 33 years since the scariest Rocky villain killed Apollo Creed.
Joel Golby

‘Creed II’ Is Great Because It’s Yet Another ‘Rocky’ Remake

The film delivers because of—not in spite of—the well-worn formula.
Noel Ransome

KSI Told Us How He Plans to Beat the Crap Out of Logan Paul

Two of the world's most famous YouTubers will slug it out in a Pay-Per-View boxing match this weekend.
Sean Neumann
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Russell Crowe Is on the Market, and So Are All His Prized Possessions

He's auctioning off part of Denzel Washington's chair, prop horses from 'Gladiator,' and a protective thong to celebrate his divorce.
Drew Schwartz
The September Stories Issue

These Kenyan Grandmothers Are Learning to Fight Back Against Rapists

In some of their country's slums, self-defense is the only option.
Nadja Wohlleben
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I Cheered for Floyd Mayweather Because We're Both Black Men and I Regret It

And it's deeper than just skin color. It's also the systems that make that an issue.
Noel Ransome
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Ask an Expert About the Mayweather-McGregor Fight

'First Take' co-host and boxing expert Max Kellerman visits the VICELAND show to offer his take on the highly anticipated match.
Sarah Bellman
virtual reality

America's Largest Virtual Reality Experience Center Just Opened in New York

VR World wants to be the bridge between you and the loud, confusing world of virtual reality.
Beckett Mufson
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Revisit Conor McGregor's Controversial Statements

The VICELAND hosts discuss some of the MMA fighter's most problematic moments.
Sarah Bellman
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Matthew Perry Says He Beat Up Justin Trudeau in Elementary School

The brawl went down long before Trudeau's boxing days.
Manisha Krishnan

Inside the Tight-Knit World of Muslim Women in Combat Sports

Instagrammer and kickboxer Sara Kawthar asks the question: "How far can we push the idea of what it means to be a strong woman?"
VICE Staff
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Speculate on the Chris Brown v. Soulja Boy Fight

The two musicians plan to take their social media feud to the boxing ring with the help of Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and 50 Cent.
Sarah Bellman