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Boxer Gets Knocked Down By Flying Ice Bucket After Winning by TKO

Probably needed an ice pack after that too, though.


Floyd Mayweather Willing to Give Conor McGregor $15 Million to Fight

McGregor had previously demanded a $100 million purse to fight Mayweather.


Irish Olympic Boxer Goes on Profane Tirade After He Gets Jobbed Out of Win

Irish olympic boxer Michael Conlan unleashed a string of profanities after he lost a controversial match in Rio.


Another Olympic Boxer is Accused of Sexually Assaulting Worker in Rio

Namibia's flag-bearer is accused of forcing himself on a housekeeper in the Olympic village.


Wladimir Klitschko Says Tyson Fury is “An Imbecile Champion” Who “Sounds Like Hitler”

In the build-up to the two boxers’ rematch in July, Klitschko has taken Fury to task over his comments on women, the gay community and Jewish people.


Muhammad Ali Wrote a Letter to All FAs Asking for FIFA Reform in 2015

It's sad to think that—even without Blatter—Muhammad Ali would not be comforted by the current state of FIFA.


Petty-Ass State Representative of a Certain Party Chooses to Remember "Cassius Clay" as a Draft Dodger, of All Things

Republican Tennessee State Representative Martin Daniel even called Ali by his "slave name," and didn't back down.


Miami Marlins Announce Muhammad Ali's Death Two Hours Before He Died

Maybe karma paid the Marlins back by causing them to lose 2-0 to the Mets.


Muhammad Ali Dies at 74

Ali, hailed to be the greatest heavy-weight boxer of all time, was originally reported to have a "brief" stay at the hospital, due to respiratory condition, but was pronounced dead tonight.


Report: Muhammad Ali on Life Support

According to reports, Muhammad Ali, who was hospitalized for a respiratory issue earlier this week, may be in more serious condition.


Could the Billion-Dollar Fight Between Mayweather and McGregor Rumors Be For Real?

Rumors, rumors are no fun, unless you are a part of one.


Philippine President Claims Terrorist Group Plotted To Kidnap Manny Pacquiao

Benigno Aquino III has said that Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist group heavily linked to ISIS, have included the former boxer among a number of high-profile targets.