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Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox Begrudgingly Ranks His Band’s Albums

On the eve of the release of his band's seventh LP, Cox looks back on a wild catalog—a process he says is kinda like a visa interview.


Learning a New Language: Tim Gane on Leaving Stereolab Behind and for Cavern of Anti-Matter

Much beloved, Stereolab are the past and Gane is now COAM, with a new record featuring collaborations with Bradford Cox and Sonic Boom's Pete Kember.


Feelings Aren't Eternal and Neither Is Life: An Interview with Deerhunter

We have—as expected—a pretty candid interview with Bradford Cox and his bandmate Lockett Pundt about the group's seventh album 'Fading Frontier'.


Nice! Deerhunter's Video for "Living My Life" Is Chill

Look at that dog! He's so happy!


Bradford Cox Is a Glam-Rock Hamlet in the New Deerhunter Video for "Snakeskin"

Deerhunter announces 'Fading Frontier', the band's forthcoming seventh album, due out in October.


Let Atlas Sound Sooth Your Holiday Weekend with Their Jansport Bonfire Session

Let Bradford Cox sing away your stress.


We Went to Moogfest Where Brains Meet Bass

Moog make a play to draw hearts, minds, and brains to Asheville, NC, promising inspirational talk and perspirational dance.


Presenting the First Annual Noisey Academy Awards

Will Gucci Pull Off The Upset?


A-town Rep-razent!

Sorry, jaded white guy who professes to like rap music but can't remember the other guy's name out of Mobb Deep, but we love Soulja Boy. Since when did rap music being fun and goofy again become a bad thing?