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What Romantic Comedies Get Wrong About Brain Damage

The aftermath of my head injury was way different than the plot of 'Isn't It Romantic' and every other movie like it.


“My brain was fucked up”: This guy could be the first person to get amnesia from a fentanyl overdose

Huge doses of fentanyl can trigger seizures, which in turn can cause brain damage.


What Happens When Your Brain Loses Its Grip on Reality

People who confabulate experience a true confusion of reality, past memories, and identities.


The NFL's Impossible Mission: Making Us Feel Less Guilty About Watching

What we really want is for it to be palatable to watch 300-pound men give each other brain damage each week.


Doctors Reverse Girl's Brain Damage Using a Hyperbaric Chamber

Eden Carlson nearly drowned and her parents were told she'd never talk, walk, or react to her environment.


Girls' High School Football Title IX Suit Misses The Point

A group of Utah female youth players want their local school districts to offer the sport. But maybe nobody should be playing it.


Yes, Drinking Affects Your Brain Longterm

But recent headlines blow things out of proportion.


Between Life and Death: Remembering Boxer Michael Watson's Fightback From the Abyss

It is 25 years since Michael Watson fought Chris Eubank at White Hart Lane. The injuries Watson suffered that night changed him forever, but, a quarter of a century on, the extent of his recovery continues to defy expectations.


New Pop Warner Lawsuit Raises Hard Questions About the Future of Youth Tackle Football

A potential class action lawsuit filed against Pop Warner, USA Football, and NOCSAE over brain damage and CTE could help redefine how society views tackle football for children.


How Scared Should I Be of Getting Punched in the Face?

I've never been in a fight, but it turns out you can get hurt in them. Did you know this?


Better Than Viagra: Colombia's Impotence Home Remedy

With miners using mercury in illegal gold mines, Colombia’s gold rush has led to some side effects on the population, including erectile dysfunction.


Poisoned by the Gold Rush

VICE News correspondent Monica Villamizar travels to Antioquia Department, Colombia, a hotbed of illegal gold mining, to investigate the poisonous side-effects of the gold rush.