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Watch Scientists Express Their Research in Interpretive Dances

Dancers performed as electrons, brain processes, and teaching tools.
Becky Ferreira
Menk, by John Doran

I Got Hit by a Car and Now I Don’t Recognize My Own Thoughts

Serious trauma does funny stuff to your brain.
John Doran

Having a Brain Injury Is Like Going to a Belgian Hardcore Rave

After getting hit by a car, it didn't occur to me that not getting an MRI was a mistake.
John Doran
sonic attack

Canada Is Pulling Diplomats’ Families From Cuba Over Mysterious ‘Acquired Brain Injury’

This follows concerns of “sonic attacks” against US and Canadian diplomats on Cuban soil.
Tracey Lindeman
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Skier Lost in New York Has No Idea How He Ended Up in California

The man was reportedly still dressed in his ski clothes and had no idea what day it was. He also had a new phone and a fresh haircut.
River Donaghey
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My Concussion Taught Me Everything We Don't Know About Concussions

My head is broken—and the system is, too
Ankita Rao
Phys Ed

Concussions Can Hurt More Than Your Brain

New research shows that they can cause lower limb injury later down the road.
Nicole Wetsman
Fighting Words

Conor McGregor Wasn't Fatigued; He Was at Risk of Brain Damage

Dizziness and loss of balance is one of the hallmarks of mild traumatic brain injury.
Darragh O’Carroll, MD
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A Brain Injury Could Help You Find God, Study Says

Scientists found that frontal lobe trauma could lead to increased religious fundamentalism.
Lauren Messman
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One disabled man’s fight to restore his right to vote

Thousands of disabled people across the country have quietly been stripped of their voting rights.
Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani

How Weed Could Help Prevent Brain Injury in the NFL

On an all new episode of 'Weediquette' we talk to football players about the struggle to get medicinal marijuana use approved by an organization notorious for its fear of drugs.
VICE Staff

UFC-Sponsored Study Has Ideas for Decreasing Brain Injury in MMA

A doctor has creative recommendations for increasing fighter safety, including the creation of a "Fight Exposure Score (FES)".
Josh Rosenblatt