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Saving the Brain of a Shooting Victim on New Year's Eve

After the ball dropped, a man walked into the hospital with a hole in his head. My main concern as a neurosurgeon was that he would be a "talk and die."
Dr. Rahul Jandial

What It's Like Having Brain Surgery While You're Still Awake

Accounts from five people who've undergone awake craniotomies.
Milly McMahon

I Have a Computer Chip in My Brain That Reads My Thoughts

The electrode is part of a system that could help people with paralysis bypass their injuries and reanimate their limbs.
Ian Burkhart

Uncontrollable Bleeding: A Brain Surgeon's Nightmare

When an artery in someone's head bursts, there's very little that can prepare you.
Dr. Rahul Jandial

The First Time I Let Someone Die

Early one Tuesday morning years ago, I began my effort to save a woman who had been in a car accident. Four weeks later, I had failed.
Dr. Rahul Jandial

Cracking the Cranial Vault: What It Feels Like to Perform Brain Surgery

It felt medieval when I put her in pins. It was my first time peeling down scalp and opening the skull of living human, a thrill unlike any other. Ten years and thousands of surgeries later, the experience is still branded into my own head.
Dr. Rahul Jandial

This Globe-Trotting Brain Surgeon Says Doctors Are Doing Medical Missions Wrong

"You can't just go down there, drop some money, do a photo-op, and come back," Rahul Jandial says about doctors who travel to hospitals in poor countries.
VICE Staff
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This Guy's Headache Turned Out to be a Deadly Worm Lodged in His Brain

If the doctors had waited another 30 minutes to perform emergency surgery, he probably would've died.
Michael Cuby

Rosemary Kennedy and the Legacy of Mental Illness

In 1941, a lobotomy left Rosemary Kennedy permanently incapacitated. Two new books this month explore what has and hasn't changed about the way we treat mental illness more than 70 years later.
Elizabeth Nicholas

Milwaukee Pop Punks Direct Hit! Are Releasing an Album of Their B-Sides and Leftover Crap

Listen to one of those craps, "Brain Surgery."
Paul Blest
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A History of the Ice Pick Lobotomy

Lobotomy is a procedure that involves slicing tiny slivers through the frontal lobes of the brain, reached through holes bored in the top of the skull. It was an early way psychiatrists thought they could dramatically alleviate madness and suffering in pe
Zoe Cormier
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What It's Like to Live with Half a Brain

There are people living with parts, halves, or more of their brains removed all around the US
Kaleigh Rogers