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Matty Matheson and MUNCHIES Are Coming to a City Near You

Matty and MUNCHIES are collaborating with Cholula Hot Sauce to bring a dinner series to three American cities. Hurry up and get tickets.
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Everything You Missed at the San Francisco MUNCHIES Cookbook Party

Buy our damn book already, BTW.
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This Restaurant Tells the Story of San Francisco's Chinatown

Mister Jiu's is more than just an homage to chef Brandon Jew's Chinese heritage; it's a statement on the changing face of San Francisco's Chinatown.
Brandon Jew
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Chef's Night Out: Brandon Jew

Brandon Jew is giving Chinese-American food a voice in San Francisco.
Brandon Jew
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I Want to Make American Chinese Food Relevant Again

That thick batter coating your sweet and sour pork, the greasiness, the excessive sweetness—that is not the Chinese food that I grew up eating as a first-generation Chinese-American.
Brandon Jew

How-To: Make Raw Fish Salad

Chefs Lee Tiernan and Brandon prove that with nice fish and some shaved vegetables, you can make a raw fish salad so good that even your sushi-fearing friends will eat.
Munchies Staff and Lee Tiernan
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Chef's Night Out: Brandon Jew and Brett Cooper

Brandon and his buddy Brett Cooper of Outerlands show us two of their favorite spots in the Bay Area and then whip up some delicious prawns with fermented mustard greens.
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