The NFL Thinks We’re All Stupid

The league's partnership with Jay-Z to promote criminal justice reform reeks of cynicism.


'Mr. Avo Head' Is the Worst Branded April Fool's Stunt of the Year

"True to character, the healthy, hipster Mr. Avo Head will sport a man bun and well-groomed beard, trendy sneakers, skinny jeans and will be listening to all the latest beats."


Welcome to April Fools Day, the Absolute Worst of Branded Fun

April Fools—like everything we used to hold dear to us—is now dominated by brands trying their hardest to insert themselves into daily life.


The Darker Side of Being a Brand Influencer

What's real and what's fantasy?


Brand Twitter Is Absurd, and It Will Only Get Worse

SunnyD tweets about depression. Steak-umm is lonely. Wendy's is sassy. Do we actually want our brands to be that "human"?


Canned Water Company 'Liquid Death' Wants to Make Drinking Water More Metal

A 12-pack of tallboys of your basic H2O meant for "punk rockers and skateboarders" sells for $19.99.


This Baseball Team Is Throwing a 'Millennial Night' and It's Going to Be Lit AF

Complete with "selfie stations" and avocados!


Brands want International Women's Day to be all about brands

Big shoutout to the brands


This Amazon Alexa Accessory Is Unfortunately Named ‘DOX’

The ironic name choice underscores the fact that people are already concerned smart speakers are listening to their conversations.


Little Debbie Jokingly Threatens to Discontinue Oatmeal Creme Pies

Just another day of brands being brands on Twitter dot com.


All the Dumb Shit Gene Simmons Has Tried to Trademark

The devil horns was just the tip of the iceberg compared to "Nude Car Wash," “International Fight Club,” and "?enis."