Far From the Shallow: A Dive Into Lady Gaga's Role in Bradley Cooper's Breakup

Did Gaga actually turn Cooper and Irina Shayk's four-year relationship into a bad romance?
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Nigella Lawson Helped Me Cure My Heartbreak

When my first love broke my heart, I found joy in cooking—and an encouraging DM from Nigella Lawson.
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How to Break Up With a Friend Without All the Drama

Breakups are hard, especially when they happen between friends. Here's a guide about how to make ending a friendship easier and kinder, according to an expert.
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9 Best Movies on Netflix to Get Over a Breakup

Unlike your last relationship, Netflix would never hurt you. Wipe those tears and mend your broken heart with these 9 best movies to watch on Netflix.
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Sometimes the Breakup-Instigator Struggles With Closure

Why was I having so much trouble moving past my own decision to end the relationship?
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When Therapy Makes You Feel Terrible Before It Makes You Feel Better

Talking to a psychologist after my last breakup meant mourning all my exes.
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Slayer's Next Tour Will Be Its Last

The band posted a video to its official YouTube page promising that "The End Is Near" for the thrash metal titans.
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Rejected Teen Accused of Planting Bomb Under His Ex-Girlfriend's Bed

The 18-year-old allegedly loaded a pressure cooker with nuts, bolts, and makeshift gunpowder, but it failed to detonate.
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Everything That Happens to You in the First Year After a Breakup

A year is what it takes to totally recalibrate and get comfortable, with maybe a few stepping-stones along the way.
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Oversharing on Twitter is Good for My Mental Health

A psychologist said so.
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Five Ideal Places for Breaking Someone's Heart

A breakup is a heartbreaking moment for everyone involved, not only for the couple, but for the server as well. Here's how to minimize the pain for everyone involved.
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A Lesbian's Guide to Staying Friends with Your Exes

A new study says if you still hang out with your ex, you're a narcissist or a psychopath, but take some advice from a queer woman, who really knows about this shit.
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