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This Woman Would Rather Breastfeed Her Boyfriend Than Work

Jennifer Mulford is taking a little time off work to focus on maintaining the nurturing bond she shares with her boyfriend—a bond fueled by breast milk.


Got Milk: The Underground Online Marketplace for Human Breast Milk

Because no laws exist regarding the sale of human breast milk, it's technically not illegal but largely unregulated. We spoke to people who sell their breast milk online about why and how they sell their excess lactation.


Judge Stops Mother From Breastfeeding Because She Got Tattoos

Young mother told she put her baby in harm's way by getting a tattoo, despite getting HIV and hepatitis tests that came back negative.


The Man Who Organized a Protest Outside Nigel Farage's Pub Is Getting Death Threats

The UK election is getting a little heated.


These Moms Started the Occupy Wall Street for Breast-Feeding

After one woman was shamed for breast-feeding in the Beverly Hills Anthropologie, a group of moms staged a "nurse-in" at the store. But the real action isn't taking place in a trendy clothing store—it's happening on the internet.


Turns Out Google Glass Is Good for Breastfeeding

You won't find any glassholes in Australia Breastfeeding Association's Google Glass project.