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Pregnant Researchers Often Get No Lab Safety Guidance

I spoke with eight women who had to lean on their own scientific expertise to guide them through one or more pregnancies while working in a laboratory.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drinking Breastmilk

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Americans Can Now Buy Breast Milk from Cambodian Women Paid Less Than $10 a Day

Ambrosia Labs claims to be the first company to export human breast milk to the US. Its founders say their business model is beneficial to mothers in Cambodia, but advocates fear they're exploiting vulnerable women.


I Drank My Friend's Breast Milk Every Day for a Week

It didn't feel right to steal from a baby.


This Woman Would Rather Breastfeed Her Boyfriend Than Work

Jennifer Mulford is taking a little time off work to focus on maintaining the nurturing bond she shares with her boyfriend—a bond fueled by breast milk.


Why Is the TSA So Bad at Handling Breast Milk?

In some cases, women have seen the bomb squad called for carrying breast milk through airport security.


The Photographer Who Sees Space in Semen

That galaxy is actually jizz.


Drinking Breast Milk From the Internet Is a Bad Idea

Why not to buy bodily fluids off a random stranger you met online.


Breast Milk Is the Blueprint for a New Cow Milk

a2 Milk from New Zealand contains a protein that the company says is easier to digest. They're calling it “the milk that might change everything.”


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The Breast Milk Black Market Is Strong in the Bodybuilding Community

Despite the risks of disease and bacterial contamination, some bodybuilders are turning to internet-sourced human breast milk in hopes of getting extra-ripped.


China Just Arrested 15 People in a Bust on an Adult Breastfeeding Ring

Some people believe breast milk has healing properties, but authorities in China say that milk providers were also working as prostitutes.