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Six Smarter—But Not Quite Guilt-Free—Beach Reads

Beat the dull conspiracy that is the “beach read” with these smarter entries in the sordid, pulpy, guilty-pleasure genre.
Philippa Snow
Stranger Than Flicktion

Patrick Bateman and the Poisoned Toffee Apple

Welcome back to Stranger Than Flicktion, our Flickr-inspired fiction column. In this special Halloween edition, we hear an <i>American Psycho</i>-inspired tale of cam girls, cats, and candy apples.
Kamila Rymajdo

We're All a Depressing Part of "Generation Wuss"

I called Bret at his house in LA last week. We talked passionately about his frustration with what he's dubbed "Generation Wuss"—you, me, and everyone else who's young, is hyper-sensitive, and has grown up with the internet.
Nathalie Olah, Photos: Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
The Film That Made Me...

'Pulp Fiction' Was the Film That Made Me Realize I'm Not Cool

And if "cool" is gimp masks and adrenaline shots to the heart, then I'm kind of OK with that.
Daisy Buchanan

A Wall Street Banker Went on a Sex-Crazed Killing Spree in Hong Kong

Rurik Jutting, a Cambridge graduate wh​o worked for Bank of A​merica Merrill Lynch, is accused of murdering Jesse Lorena and Sumarti Ningsih, who are being identified as prostitutes from Southeast Asia.
Allie Conti
Paris Lees

Where Are All the Bi Men, and Why Are They Hiding?

They're out there. They're just not <i>out</i>, because the stigma of being a man who likes both fellas and ladies is still a serious weight to deal with.
Paris Lees

Sundance NEXT FEST Is Coming to Los Angeles Next Week

Sundance NEXT FEST, a film festival that combines music and cinema, starts August 7th in Downtown LA. Films from Aubrey Plaza, Jason Schwartzman, and Kendrick Lamar are amongst the films screening during the week-long event.
VICE Staff

The 'Less Than Zero' Kids Knew How to Dress

People may be afraid to merge in Los Angeles, but they aren't afraid to get dolled up and take pictures of one another lounging poolside. Here's a photo shoot inspired by Bret Easton Ellis's debut—the good parts, not the parts with mutilated bodies and...
Stephanie Sian Smith

The Dum Dum Girls Get Tatted Up… Again

Really, just any excuse to print pics of the Dum Dum Girls because they're both awesome and fiercely foxy.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Bret Easton Ellis Talks to Kanye West About Movies, And Everything Else, On His Podcast

An Unexpected Collab Between the Two.
Lauren Nostro
A Few Impressions

‘American Psycho’: Ten Years Later/Twenty Years Later

'American Psycho' is (at least for now) the pinnacle of Bret Easton Ellis's art: the dark-hearted swansong of an era that sums up its subject matter with a perfect balance of breadth and incisiveness. Gross satire delivered with a hyperrealistic...
James Franco
Neither Big nor Easy

Living Inside 'The Canyons'

No one has seen 'The Canyons' yet, but it's gotten a wave of bad publicity thanks to the involvement of Lindsay Lohan and a popular 'New York Times' magazine article about what a disaster the filming was. I talked to writer Bret Easton Ellis and...
Michael Patrick Welch