Brett Favre

Brett Favre

Brett Favre is Hawking A 'Game Changer' Nasal Spray for Concussions

Brett Favre appeared on Fox Business to talk up a nasal spray that is supposed to do something for concussions.
Sean Newell

Two NoDAPL Protesters Suspended from the Vikings Rafters With a Banner, One In a Favre Jersey

Seems like a win-win. Until they have to post bail.
Liam Daniel Pierce
festivals 2016

The Wisconsinites of Wisconsin's Eaux Claires Festival Weigh in on Wisconsin

We asked attendees at the Bon Iver-curated festival about their personal preferences regarding the state's most famous politicians, beers, quarterbacks and serial killers.
Katie Bain
Ride Along

Ride Along: Greg Jennings on the Favre vs. Rodgers Debate

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Greg Jennings has played with some of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He's had a ton of success with them, but not without controversy.
VICE Sports

Netiquette 101: How to Have Cybersex That Isn't Completely Regrettable

Guidelines for how to safely bang your friends online.
Drew Millard

NFL Kickers Talk about Playing with Their Balls

We got a bunch of NFL kickers to talk about all the ways they used to doctor game balls because investigative journalism is what we do here.
Andrew Heisel
Motherboard Blog

Future Sex: Should You Sext?

We all know that youngsters these days are using their iPhones for things a lot more scintillating than Angry Birds, but still, the numbers are kind of shocking. Recently, a new study was released detailing high school students’ sexting habits. The...
Kelly Bourdet

One-Team Athletes Make Me Feel All Warm and Fuzzy

Derek Jeter clocking a home run for his 3,000th hit, every one as a Yankee, Peyton Manning finally getting over the championship hump in his ninth season with Indianapolis—no great championships, retirement speeches, or controversies would exist...
Luke Winkie