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roe v. wade

Conservative Lawmakers Are Preparing for a Future Without Roe v. Wade

In the past week, multiple states have introduced or passed laws that would immediately ban abortion in the event of Supreme Court justices overturning Roe v. Wade.
Marie Solis
Year of the Woman

Campaign Manager Blames Candidate's Loss on 'Difficult Year' for Men

The campaign manager for a Nevada incumbent said his candidate lost to his female opponent because of "societal factors" that he claims made voters favor women in 2018.
Marie Solis
state of the union

AOC to Bring Woman Who Confronted Jeff Flake as Her State of the Union Guest

Ana Maria Archila, the protester who confronted then-Arizona Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator during September's Supreme Court confirmation hearings, will accompany the New York congresswoman to Tuesday's address.
Marie Solis

Supreme Court Could Take on Fetal Burial Abortion Case

A conservative-leaning Supreme Court may decide to take on an anti-abortion law with implications for Roe v. Wade.
Marie Solis
supreme court

Brett Kavanaugh Is Back to Coaching His Daughter's Basketball Team

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh feared his life would be ruined by Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegations. But publicly at least, it appears unperturbed.
Marie Solis
net neutrality

Supreme Court Judges Have Too Many Conflicts of Interest to Reconsider Net Neutrality

Three justices wanted to reconsider a lower court’s decision on net neutrality, but couldn’t get a majority because two other conservative justices had conflicts of interest and had to recuse themselves.
Kaleigh Rogers
supreme court

Supreme Court Could Accept Its First Abortion Case with Kavanaugh on the Bench

The Supreme Court is currently deciding if it will weigh in on a longstanding battle over whether states can block funds to Planned Parenthood.
Marie Solis

Trump's DOJ Tells Supreme Court It's Fine to Discriminate Against Trans Workers

President Donald Trump's Department of Justice told the Supreme Court it doesn't consider anti-trans workplace discrimination a violation of federal law.
Marie Solis

Hexing Brett Kavanaugh Was the Healing I Needed

The Catland-organized hex on Brett Kavanaugh was an act of solidarity with survivors, a ritual to harness our rage and allow it to destroy something other than ourselves.
Sara David

An Exorcist Is Now Trying to Protect Kavanaugh from Brooklyn Witches' Hex

An exorcist in California is holding a Mass to protect Brett Kavanaugh from the "evil" of a ritual hex set to curse him this weekend.
Leila Ettachfini

Ritual to Hex Kavanaugh Is So Popular That Witches Organized Another One

After more than 10,000 people expressed interest in the ritual to hex Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Facebook, creators of the event are giving witches everywhere another opportunity.
Sara David
true crime

How Men in Prison Reacted to Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation

"The hypocrisy in this country, and in our leaders, is astounding."
Seth Ferranti