Brett Kavanaugh


The Democrats Have Had a Banner Week of Doing Whatever the GOP Wants

The left wants the party to fight tooth and nail. The party has responded: "Get real."
Brendan O'Connor
2 days ago
reproductive rights

Groups Are Demanding That Congress Fully Investigate Brett Kavanaugh's Record on Abortion

Previously withheld records could call Kavanaugh’s integrity and impartiality into question.
Leila Ettachfini

The One Way Trump Has Changed America That Democrats Cannot Fix

Democrats are fantasizing about how to undo Trump's remake of the American judiciary.
Matt Laslo
supreme court

Shocker! Mitch McConnell Wants to Screw Democrats on a SCOTUS Nomination

So much for his “principles.”
Alex Lubben

Performing abortions in Alabama could soon be punishable by up to 99 years in prison

The Alabama House is voting on a bill that would make almost all abortions illegal.
Carter Sherman
Abortion Rights

4 states just passed anti-abortion bills on the same day

It's another sign of the intensifying battle over reproductive health in state legislatures
Carter Sherman
roe v. wade

Conservative Lawmakers Are Preparing for a Future Without Roe v. Wade

In the past week, multiple states have introduced or passed laws that would immediately ban abortion in the event of Supreme Court justices overturning Roe v. Wade.
Marie Solis
Year of the Woman

Campaign Manager Blames Candidate's Loss on 'Difficult Year' for Men

The campaign manager for a Nevada incumbent said his candidate lost to his female opponent because of "societal factors" that he claims made voters favor women in 2018.
Marie Solis
state of the union

AOC to Bring Woman Who Confronted Jeff Flake as Her State of the Union Guest

Ana Maria Archila, the protester who confronted then-Arizona Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator during September's Supreme Court confirmation hearings, will accompany the New York congresswoman to Tuesday's address.
Marie Solis

New York just protected access to abortion — even if Roe v. Wade gets overturned

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed New York’s Reproductive Health Act into law on Tuesday, just minutes after the legislature passed it.
Carter Sherman

Supreme Court Could Take on Fetal Burial Abortion Case

A conservative-leaning Supreme Court may decide to take on an anti-abortion law with implications for Roe v. Wade.
Marie Solis
supreme court

Ruth Bader Ginsburg just underwent surgery for lung cancer — but she's going to be fine

The disease was discovered incidentally during testing after Ginsburg fell in her office and broke three ribs in November.
Rex Santus