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Brian Wilson's High School Reversed His Music Grade From an F to an A

Justice, finally.
Lauren O'Neill
It's Lit

Did Charles Manson’s Failed Music Career Lead to the Nightmarish Murders That Rocked the Nation?

A new book looks at the connection between The Beach Boys and Charles Manson.
Seth Ferranti
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Don’t Be Surprised If Beach Boys Play Trump’s Inauguration

A representative says they’re mulling it over. Mike Love is exactly this kind of guy.
Alex Robert Ross
festivals 2016

Brian Wilson and Berlin Techno on the Beaches of Mexico’s Most Dangerous City

Wilson and Seun Kuti reigned, but it was homegrown talent that impressed the most at Acapulco's Trópico, a rising boutique festival founded to resist cartels and prove that Mexican youth can live freely under the looming specter of violence.
Jemayel Khawaja

Brian Wilson's Happily Ever After (or a Close Approximation Thereof)

The legendary Beach Boys auteur's new memoir tells the story of a troubled, gifted man battling his own mind. We sat down with him to talk past, present, and 'Pet Sounds.'
Jonathan Valania
festivals 2016

Everyone Is Dressing Really Cool at Pitchfork Music Festival (Plus Sufjan Stevens Wore Angel Wings)

Blood Orange, Brian Wilson, and Pikachu were all in attendance.
Noisey Staff
festivals 2016

It Doesn't Matter What You Say About Brian Wilson, Because He's Brian Wilson

The Beach Boy performed 'Pet Sounds' in Chicago. Was it the greatest performance? Eh. But who cares—it's motherfucking Brian Wilson!
Devin Schiff

Different Kinds of Trips: Brian Wilson Reflects on 'Pet Sounds' 50 Years Later

Wilson revisits his masterpiece on its 50th anniversary and gives some insight into his recent biopic and long-awaited autobiography.
Daniel Kohn
Longreads Or Whatever

Emile Haynie Navigated Heartbreak With a Little Help From His Friends

He's produced for Lana and Eminem, but a breakup took him out of the game. He decided to pour his pain into a debut LP with Brian Wilson, Lana, Dev Hynes, Charlotte Gainsbourg, the xx, and Randy Newman on deck.
Emma-Lee Moss

Black Zeros Prove That You Don’t Have to Surf In Order to Write a Good Surf Song

RSVP to catch them play at our free Sydney party at the Sly Fox on Thursday September 4!
Noisey Staff
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Improbable Trades That Could Save the 2012 Baseball Season

Doesn’t it seem like the 2012 Major League Baseball season is one of the most boring in history? Here are some trades that could save it.
Anthony Pappalardo
The Hate Issue

Famous People

Famous people hate stuff too.
Jeff Johnson