Bright Eyes

Noisey Mix

This Foodman Mix Is a Strange Trip Through Experimental Electronic Music

Themed around "urban indigeneity," it slams together producers from his native Japan, boundary-pushers from around the world, and, uh, Bright Eyes.
Colin Joyce
New music

Listen to Conor Oberst's New Single with Phoebe Bridgers, "LAX"

The standalone song was produced by Simone Felice.
Alex Robert Ross
Fandom Week

Bright Eyes Is Forever, Not Just for Puberty

Conor Oberst's melodrama hits hard in adolescence but as you age, you grow into understanding its themes—heartbreak, death, depression—more.
Emma Garland
Important Questions Raised By...

What Do Today's Teenagers Think About the Greatest Emo Hits of the 2000s?

I hit the streets to find out if the kids of today equate the defining angst anthems of my youth to someone's dad sticking Pink Floyd on.
Daisy Jones
Thinkpieces And Shit

Conor Oberst: Wuss-Rock No More

People were cruel to the Bright Eyes frontman early on, but over many years and dozens of albums, he's proven his status as a legacy artist.
Dan Ozzi
Objectively Correct Lists

The 123 Worst Musicians of All Time

From AC/DC to Zappa, these are the “artists” who have ruined music.
Noisey Staff
Friday Thinks With Luke Winkie

Would Any of Those Bands Actually Play the Bait Shop?

On the 10th anniversary of The O.C., we look back and ask the important questions.
Luke Winkie

Noisey's Favorite Songs About Hair

There are way too many songs about love. Songs about hair? Not so much. But the ones that exist are pretty great, culturally major, and kinda sexy too.
Dashing Barnet