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It's Friday, February 8, and We Want to Drunk-Eat the New Guns 'N Roses Cheese

Plus, read a recently published George Orwell essay dissing British food.
Hannah Keyser

How Margot Henderson Learned to Love 'Plain' British Food

British food’s plainness is its brilliance. Food that has a giving unctuousness, food that is cooked with love and also gives love—massaging you from the inside out.
Margot Henderson
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Keith Floyd Changed My Life

Every recipe was the same, and none of the dishes ever looked that edible, but Keith Floyd—broadcaster, bon vivant, born entertainer—changed my life.
Josh Baines
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Martin Parr Doesn't Mind If You Instagram Your Lunch

Waxy sausages, tinned vegetables, white bread: iconic British artist Martin Parr's photos are the antithesis of your carefully arranged avo on toast shot. We met over steak and chips to ask what he makes of the #foodporn proliferating social media.
Tom Jenkins

Welcome to the MUNCHIES Guide to British Food

Every day this week, MUNCHIES will be exploring the stories that make Britain’s cuisine. Pull up a chair, BYOB, and prepare to forget everything you know about British food.
Munchies Staff
British cuisine

How Pickled Herring and Danish Schnapps Have Impacted Fergus Henderson's Approach to Food

Back when I was studying to be an architect, I worked in Copenhagen for a couple of months for a designer who used to send me out on bizarre missions. On one particular mission, I opted for a lunch that changed the way that I think about food, and...
Fergus Henderson

Shooting Game Birds Is Still an Ethical Dilemma in Britain

As the British shooting season begins and grouse dishes appear on high end restaurant menus, so too does the controversy surrounding the shooting of game birds, or what animal rights groups label “gratuitous violence.”
Gareth May

I'm Bringing Faggots Back to London's Restaurant Scene

People aren’t interested in meat and two veg anymore, you’ve got to mix it up. I put faggots and veal with cream of St George’s mushrooms on the menu recently and I’m amazed at the uptake.
Ronnie Murray

James Lowe and James Henry Have Created an Edible Bromance

Lyle’s James Lowe and James Henry of Bones shatter the egocentric chef stereotype with monkfish, 14-month cured ham, and good old-fashioned co-operation.
Phoebe Hurst
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These UK Cafes Serve Delicious Casseroles Straight from the Garbage

For many of us, British cuisine is defined by such hearty pub fare as roast beef, shepherd’s pie and chip buttys. But one Leeds native is bringing something new to England’s tables: one hundred percent salvaged foods.
Lauren Rothman
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I Tried and Nearly Failed to Understand British Food

My first experiences with British food weren't spectacular, so I visited Myers of Keswick, a Manhattan grocer specializing in UK imports, to help me come to terms with pork pies, Branston pickle, and sticky toffee pudding from a tin.
Ashok Kondabolu

Girl Eats Food: English Breakfast Cupcakes

It's time to ignore all the twee, Cath Kidston wearing dicks and their obsession with all sugar and no substance cupcakes, and cook yourself some baked goods with real balls. The secret ingredient? MEAT.
Jo Fuertes-Knight