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Volunteers Jumped Out of a Plane Without a Parachute to Test the Efficacy of Parachutes

Fifteen years ago, researchers said it would be impossible to do a randomized controlled trial of parachute safety. A team of scientists from Harvard, the University of Michigan, and UCLA disagreed.
Daniel Oberhaus

Eating Tonnes of Fruit Could Stop You From Gaining Weight

According to a new study from researchers at Harvard and the University of East Anglia, eating fruit containing high levels of flavonoids could help prevent weight gain.
Phoebe Hurst

This Health Expert Is Throwing Serious Shade on Dry January

Dry January, the charity-backed campaign that encourages drinkers to give up booze for a month, has come under fire from a York University health academic, who says it may “do more harm than good.”
Phoebe Hurst
Chemsex Week

Welcome to Chemsex Week

Exploring the people, issues, and stories in and around the world of chemsex.
Rebecca Nicholson

Scientists Have Found More Reasons to Justify Your Chocolate Habit

New research published in the British Medical Journal’s Heart magazine shows that eating chocolate each day—and not necessarily the unpalatable dark kind—may lower the risk of heart disease and strokes.
Phoebe Hurst

Salt Has Become a Political Tool in the UK

A report published in the British Medical Journal says that UK salt consumption is higher than ever before, due to policy changes of the coalition government.
David Whelan

Milk Is Having a Shitty Week

Maybe you should believe some of that anti-milk hype that the hemp- and almond-water-chugging anti-dairy masses have been telling us for decades: Turns out, milk might actually be super-bad for you.
Munchies Staff
The Embargo Issue

Workin’ On My Night Cheese

There's an old wives' tale that claims that eating cheese before bed makes you dream weird and incredible things. For serious?
GARY GOUDA, Photos: Tim Harvey