British Metal


Anaal Nathrakh's New Album Is a Soundtrack for the Horrors of War

Stream the Birmingham black metal duo's WWI-inspired new album, 'A New Kind of Horror,' and read our interview with vocalist Dave Hunt.


Svalbard's Political Hardcore Is the Soundtrack to the End of the Old World

The British outfit's epic new album, 'It’s Hard To Have Hope​,' is a fiery indictment of wage theft, sexual violence, and the repression of women's rights.


Grave Lines Blur the Boundary Between Doom Metal and Gothic Folk

Stream the UK quartet's brilliantly gloomy, doomy, hard-to-pigeonhole new album, 'Fed Into The Nihilist Engine.'


The Guide to Getting into Electric Wizard

Gaze into the depths of the British stoner doom titans' hazy catalogue, and marvel at what awaits as you descend into the Crypt of the Wizard.


The Guide to Getting into Anaal Nathrakh

Take a tour through the British black/industrial metal maniacs' spectacularly unhinged discography to prep for their upcoming 10th album—and the apocalypse.


Calligram's Blackened Hardcore Goes Straight for the Jugular

Stream 'Askesis,' the thrilling new LP from this promising new UK outfit—out November 24 via Basick Records.


Anarchist Black Metallers Dawn Ray'd Want to Spark a Revolution

Stream the Liverpudlian trio's extraordinary new full-length,'The Unlawful Assembly,' and ready yourselves for the coming class war.


Extreme Metal Renaissance Men Akercocke Have Returned

Stream their brand new album and read on for the real story behind the disappearance and return of one of UK metal's most enigmatic bands.


WODE's New Album Is Another Victory for British Black Metal

The black metal upstarts have returned with 'Servants of the Countercosmos,' a far-reaching foray into melodic aggression.


The Incoming Iron Maiden Mobile Game Doesn't Look That Awful

The lore of Maiden is being made into a Final Fantasy-recalling RPG for smartphones.