British Muslims


We Talked to Muslims in the LGBTQ Community About Standing Up for Queer Youth

"Queer Muslim voices in this debate are the most important. We can’t continue to have conversations about marginalized groups without them leading those conversations."


This Islamic Zine Gives Muslims a Platform to Tackle Taboos

The Khidr Collective wants to create a space for Muslims to be themselves.


Fasting Muslims Told Us What It's Like to Work with Food During Ramadan

As you'd imagine it can be pretty shitty, especially when the fast is about 17 hours long during summer.


Exclusive: UK Did Not Consult Any Muslim Organizations About Flagship Anti-Radicalization Website

A VICE News Freedom of Information request revealed the UK Department for Education consulted 29 organizations for its Educate Against Hate website — but not a single one was Muslim.


What This Leaked Training Manual Tells Us About the UK's Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Teachers and nurses are being turned into part-time spies with the bare minimum of "training."


The Man Behind the Mask? When We Met Islamic State’s Suspected New Executioner

VICE News visited Siddhartha Dhar, also known as Abu Rumaysah, at his garage in East London in 2013, where he talked about his radicalization process and predicted Islamic State "warfare."


How Islamophobia Works in the Islamic State's Favor

The extremists want discord to fester, with the subsequent hatred and mistrust leading to more eager recruits being seduced into their death cult.


We Need to Remember Britain's Muslim Soldiers

Almost 400,000 Muslims fought for Britain during WWI—a fact almost nobody knows.


Inside an Islamist Women's Group (Extra Scene from ’The Fight for the Muslim Vote’)

VICE News speaks with women who are promoting Sharia law in the UK about their desires to live in the Islamic State.


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VICE News explores the different issues that British Muslims are facing in the run up to the UK General Election.


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I spoke to a number of atheists from Muslim backgrounds who are still firmly in the closet.