bro country

Welcome To The Club (For Lonely Hearts)

Why Bro Country Is the Sound of My Summer, Every Summer

If 'cracking open a cold one with the boys' had a soundtrack, it would definitely be Luke Bryan.
Emma Garland

Five Years On, America Still Doesn't Know What to Do with Florida Georgia Line

Have the bro-country originators found a way past "Cruise"? Or do they remain in its shadow, watching the darkness grow as the sun sets behind them?
Nick Murray

Angaleena Presley Doesn't Need Nashville, but Nashville Needs Angaleena Presley

Read our interview with Presley and stream the title track off the country outlaw's brilliant, biting new album, 'Wrangled'
Kim Kelly

California Country: How Cam Is Disrupting Nashville's Narrative

Meet the California dreamer with the Southern drawl who has written for Miley Cyrus, worked at Stanford's psychology lab, and doesn't totally hate bro country.
P. Claire Dodson

The Great Bro-Country Music Debate of 2015 and Why It's Kinda Pointless

Why are so many of the people who seem so invested in bringing "real" country back people who don't actually listen to country music?
Andrew Winistorfer

Sweetheart Of The Brodeo, Or Brett Myers' Awful Bro-Country Album

Brett Myers was a controversial—that is, scuzzy and loutish—baseball player. He is somehow even less appealing as a stridently dumb bro-country recording artist.
Nate Patrin

Country's “Girl Crush” Controversy Shows that When the Bros Win, LGBT People and Women Lose

The type of sexuality that country music is comfortable with is absolutely never queer, and absolutely never focuses on pleasure for women.
Amy McCarthy

Miranda Lambert Rules, but It'll Take More Than a Grammy to End Country Music's Sexism Problem

This is why it's more important now than ever to support the strong women holding it down in a bro-dominated modern country culture.
Amy McCarthy
2014 in Review

Looking Back on the Year in Party Country, in Which Country Music Didn't Die

This year the conversation in country went from griping about bro country to contemplating the deterioration of the genre—maybe that was an overreaction.
Jessica Ogilvie