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A Third of Young Adults Agree With AOC: Climate Change Affects Family Planning

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's comments about how climate change factors into people's reproductive choices upset some right-wing media outlets. But many young adults are already mindful of the environment when it comes to family planning.
Leila Ettachfini
Reproductive Justice

NYC's Inaccessible Subway System Is a Reproductive Rights Issue

Malaysia Goodson fell to her death while carrying her child and a stroller on a subway staircase on Monday. Some advocates believe her death is an example of why access to public transportation is a reproductive right.
Leila Ettachfini

How Does the Annovera Contraceptive Ring Actually Work?

The manufacturers of the new, long-lasting contraceptive ring Annovera argue that the device, which is self-insertable and can be worn internally for up to a year, will revolutionize birth control for low-income women.
Sirin Kale
supreme court

How Justice Kennedy's Retirement Could Spell Doom for Abortion and Gay Rights

President Donald Trump could appoint a conservative Supreme Court Justice keen on overturning landmark rulings.
Marie Solis

There's Always a New, More Extreme Abortion Ban Around the Corner

This week, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a 15-week abortion ban into law. It's been called the "most restrictive in the nation"—but other states are already in the process of passing even harsher restrictions.
Robin Marty

Yes, the Government Should Regulate Anti-Abortion Zealots Who Pose as Doctors

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case that pits reproductive rights advocates against faith-based "crisis pregnancy centers," whose sole purpose is to talk women out of abortion, often through deceptive means.
Jex Blackmore

Dumb Activist Behind Anti-Planned Parenthood Videos Charged with 15 Felonies

In obsessively—and unsuccessfully—trying to implicate Planned Parenthood in criminal activity, David Daleiden may have committed several serious crimes himself.
Callie Beusman

Letters from Women Pleading for Abortion, Sent in 1917, Mirror Emails Sent Today

In the early 1900s, desperate American women wrote letters to the founder of Planned Parenthood begging for help with unwanted pregnancies. A century later, they're sending eerily similar messages to an international abortion-by-mail service.
Callie Beusman
reproductive rights

The Woman Who Raises Money to Fund Abortions

Brittany Mostiller, the director of the Chicago Abortion Fund, is working to make sure reproductive rights aren't just for those who can afford it.
Gabby Bess

What Women Do When They Can't Afford an Abortion

By restricting Medicaid coverage, the Hyde Amendment forces low-income women who need an abortion to find a way to come up with money that they just don't have.
Gabby Bess