broken glass


Glass Destruction Art Does Dallas

Paula Crown created an etched glass infinity box, then smashed it, and the results are gorgeous.


In Dillinger Four We Trust

Three days on the road with America’s greatest living punk band.


Crazed Man Breaks Glass at Youth Hockey Game, or Paul Fucks Everything Up Again

The Vine contained within is a cinematic masterwork that reminds us of something we must never forget: Paul is a fuck-up.


Australian Prisoners Are Giving Themselves DIY Penis Implants

Turns out that a sizable chunk of the inmate population in New South Wales, Australia, is getting inventive with their wangcentric entertainment and performing DIY penis-implant procedures on themselves with rusty razor blades and bits of scrap metal.


LAYERS: Piecing Together The Shards Of Tomas Barfod's "Broken Glass"

16 pieces of live instruments, synths, live drums, and vocoded vocals.


Cameron Smith

Broken glass and broken necks.