Broken Windows theory


Interactive Portals Take Viewers Inside the 'Broken Windows' Theory

New media artist Elizabeth Mputu explores “police brutality, surveillance, and resistance,” in a series of multimedia portals.


How Cops Terrorize People Without Even Arresting Them

Anger at police brutality usually revolves around the shooting of unarmed people, but cops don't have to physically harm—or even arrest—to do lasting damage.


Manhattan Is Getting Safer for People Who Pee and Drink in Public

The local DA is easing up on how cops enforce petty crimes to reduce the backlog in Manhattan Criminal Court, but it's still not wise to break these laws.


New York City Cops Still Don't Know Why They're Stopping People on the Street

Years after stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional, a new report says many beat cops in the NYPD are clueless.


Is New York City About to Ease Up on Petty BS Crimes?

The NYC authorities are considering reforms that would soften penalties for things like urinating in public, making unreasonable noise, and hanging out in a park after dark.


How Eric Garner's Family Is Coping with Their Loss One Year Later

On the anniversary of one of the most notorious police killings in recent memory, Eric Garner's family looks back at a year of grief and activism.


New York City Is Reforming Bail to Keep More People Away From the Hellhole That Is Rikers Island

The idea is to keep track of low-risk defendants via text messages or in-person meetings so they can hold onto their jobs and steer clear of the violence at the city's notorious jail complex.


A New Report Shows How the NYPD Hassles Minorities for Petty BS

The Police Reform Organizing Project has collected more than 100 stories that flesh out what many describe as a failed system that ensnares too many blacks and Latinos.


Inside the Mildly Dystopic World of a Manhattan Security and Surveillance Expo

The big takeaway from the 25th Annual ASIS NYC Security Conference and Expo was that catastrophe could strike at any moment, and the only way to stop it was through beefed-up and intrusive security initiatives.


NYC City Council Speaker Wants Cops to Stop Arresting People for Petty BS

Melissa Mark-Viverito plans to decriminalize seven minor offenses, meaning you'd get a ticket instead of a court summons for drinking in public or pissing in an alley.


​​Does New York City Really Need 1,000 More Cops?

Police reformers aren't exactly thrilled about the idea after a year defined by brutality and protests.


How Does the Ferguson Police Department Compare to the NYPD?

When I read the Justice Department report on the police in Ferguson, I literally shook my head twice to make sure that the authors were describing Missouri cops and not the New York Police Department.