Western Michigan Might Top the SEC East, And Is Certainly Better Than You Think

Just keep rowing, Broncos. You're already in uncharted waters.


Julius Thomas Relaxes at the Shooting Range: Off Day

Julius Thomas is a monster on the gridiron, but you're kidding yourself if you think he's like that all the time.



Father/son bonding can take many forms. For Kerry and Wesley Green, it takes the form of two large orange monster suits made from stray pom-poms. Created by Bud Light and VICE Digital Services.


How Troy University Became An Unlikely Breeding Ground For Super Bowl Rushers

First it was Osi Umenyiora. Now, it's DeMarcus Ware and Mario Addison. How did a small school in southeastern Alabama turn out so much talent?


Inopportune Knocks: Self-Sabotage by NFL Coaches, Week 14

This week, Mike McCoy does Mike McCoy things, the Denver Broncos remain allergic to touchdowns, and Dan Campbell gets one right.


Sikh Broncos Fans Were Allegedly Harassed by Qualcomm Stadium Security Guards Because They Wore Turbans

A security supervisor told them that if they ever wanted to come back, they weren't allowed to wear turbans.


Inopportune Knocks: Self-Sabotage by NFL Coaches, Week 11

Go for it, go for it, go for it. Kickers are getting better—but that doesn't mean their perfect.


Super Bowl Finger Food

There are two types of Super Bowl viewers: those who actually watch the football, and those who spend the game cramming their mouths full of whatever delicious greasy grub is at hand. Here's our visual guide to eating on the second most gluttonous day...


Super Bowl Finger Food

Super Bowl food is an event in itself, the most gluttonous day on the American finger food calendar. On this day, the greasy, fried concoctions, dips, and booze we all love scores a real touchdown (that's a football reference).


Whoops, I Like Pro Football

This season I realized that what I used to think of as a bunch of meat slabs running around on a field is actually a highly nuanced competition, featuring insane nerds with an arsenal of some of the most athletically ridiculous people on Earth at their...