Frat Bros Behind Racist Video Sue School for Jeopardizing Their 'Success'

Five suspended Theta Tau brothers say the school is "branding them as racist" after their frat used slurs and mocked disabled people in offensive videos.


A Eulogy for Spike TV and Its Godawful Internal Manifesto

The broiest network to ever grace our cable boxes is dead. The absurd, hyper-masculine brand manifesto they created in 2006 will live forever.


In 2017, Some Chefs Still Don’t Understand Sexual Harassment

Being drunk isn't an excuse for putting the moves on anyone who explicitly tells you no.


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If you want to join my 'Mario Kart' tournament, meet me at the Dunkin’ Donuts.


The State of the College Bro in 2017

The Trump era is undoubtedly an exciting time to be an oblivious, entitled, straight college dude. For some bros, however, it's also a time of reflection.


Two Bros Were Fined $8,000 for Riding a Swimming Moose

Turns out you’re not allowed to ride a swimming moose in Canada. Huh, who would have thought that?


Meet Hollywood's Ten Favorite Raver Stereotypes

From frat bros to talentless wannabes, mainstream movies and TV continue to lean on tired cliches.


The Rise of the Vegan Bro

Once the preserve of hemp fans and people who smoke apple bongs, veganism is now overrun with “bros”—guys who think meat is for pussies and call tofu “the tits.” But does such frat boy rhetoric actually help the movement?


Two Bros' Flipping Trick Shot Looks Like Some Kind of Golf Version of the Harlem Globetrotters

Their timing is true; their bro-yness is palpable; and they execute this Harlem Globetrotter-esque golf move like a couple of pbros.


Meet the Sommelier Bro Who Is Trolling the Wine Industry

Adam Vourvoulis has been trolling the wine industry with a very simple formula: a new meme that exposes the elitism surrounding wine every day.


Frat Bros Are Basically Immune to Alcohol Interventions, Says Study

After compiling more than 20 years of research, psychologists have concluded that members of frats are deeply adverse to both alcohol education and intervention. They just want to keep drinking.