Bone Broth (Aatukal Sothi)

The cooking of necessity brings the best out of humble ingredients and can yield very special results.
Niranjala Ellawala
Prakash Sivanathan
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34 Soups to Keep You From Freezing

Because booze might warm you up but you can't eat it for dinner.
Munchies Staff
New York

Fear and Loathing in New York's Ten Best Ramen Shops

Eating a bowl of pork fat and noodles for ten meals in a row is less satisfying than it sounds—even when it means visiting all of New York's most obsessed-over ramen shops, from Momofuku to Ivan.
Lisa Abend

I Was Insane Until I Started Drinking Broth

Being a manic chef ended up making me physically ill. I was stressed, overweight, depressed, and I felt like shit all the time. When I started drinking broth, I realized it was not only delicious and great to sip on, but also really healing.
Marco Canora
Vietnamese Food

Why Great Pho Broth Starts At 4 AM

Cooks at LA's Nong Lá start prepping the beefy broth well before dawn breaks. But in an industry already struggling to keep line cooks, finding someone to come in before sunrise is particularly tough.
Natalie B. Compton
hot pot

Why You Should Be Eating Hot Pot on Christmas Day

For many of Britain’s Asian families, hot pot is an unofficial Christmas tradition: a middle finger to winter’s sub-zero temperatures and soggy Brussels sprouts.
Angela Hui
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This Vietnamese Hot Pot Is the Perfect After-Drinking Meal

It's hard to say no to hot pot—a bubbling vat of richly flavored broth, in you cook meat, vegetables, dumplings, or whatever the hell else you want, all right at the table.
Munchies Staff

This Baker Is Turning 17th Century Witches’ Broth Into Pie

Four hundred years after the trial of Lancashire’s Pendle witches—12 men and women executed for witchcraft and murder—baker Christine Turner makes pies inspired by the broth served at their illicit gatherings.
Johanna Derry
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Shower Some Clams and Mussels in Tomato Broth Tonight

Make like Ori Menashe of Downtown LA's Bestia and whip up a bowl of Mediterranean comfort with this recipe for shellfish and n'duja in a tomato broth.
Munchies Staff

What it Takes to Bring Authentic Japanese Ramen to America

Months of sampling broths, fights with the FDA, and refractometers are just the beginning when it comes to nailing traditional Japanese tonkotsu on American soil.
Jagger Gravning

Who Eats Ramen at 3AM on a Sunday Morning?

I went to Melbourne's first ever 24-hour ramen bar to find out.
David Allegretti

Your Paleo Broth Obsession Is Causing Butchers to Run Out of Bones

The recent Paleo-inspired trend for bone broth has caused a rise in demand for animal bones, with some Australian butchers running out altogether.
Phoebe Hurst