Broward County


What Scot Peterson Did and Didn't Do During the Parkland Massacre

The 56-year-old school resource office was just slapped with 11 charges, including felony child neglect and perjury.


Florida sheriff's deputy still has his job after punching and pepper-spraying a black teen

Tens of thousands of people, including the mayor, have called for his dismissal.


Parkland PR consultant calls critics “crazies” and a journalist “skanky” and smelly in video

"He is sloppy, he’s reckless, he’s mean, and he smells bad."


Everybody Chill Out About the Florida Recounts

Amid court battles, accusations of fraud, and fears of a repeat of 2000, Florida is sorting out who won three key elections.


Rick Scott thinks regular vote counting is a left-wing conspiracy to "steal" his election

Florida election officials are still counting mail-in and provisional ballots, which are very inconveniently shrinking Scott's lead.


“Just fucking kill me:” Parkland shooter gives chilling video confession

The tape reveals further evidence of the shooter’s extremely disturbed mental state, which went largely unaddressed before he committed the heinous crime.


Police recreated the Parkland shooting with this simple but horrifying animation

The victims, depicted as dots, change color when they’re injured or killed.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Parkland survivors confront lawmakers on gun control, local deputies to carry rifles at schools in Florida county, right-wing pundits angry after Twitter suspends thousands of bots, and more.


13-year-old arrested for copycat threat in same Florida district as Parkland shooting

Police have already made at least a dozen arrests related to copycat threats in the wake of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.


Bail Algorithms Are As Accurate As Random People Doing an Online Survey

Algorithms like COMPAS that predict recidivism have flooded the criminal justice system—but do they work?


The Hardcore Scene in Florida's Broward County Exists Against All Odds

The often neglected South Florida region produces a scrappy scene that is in a constant fight for survival.