bruce gilden


Magnum Photographers Showcase Photos That Embody 'Closeness'

Robert Capa once said, "If your photos aren't good enough, you're not close enough."


Powerful Portraits from the Republican Convention

We sent photographer Bruce Gilden to document the Republican National Convention in Cleveland back in July. Here's a selection of images from his trip.


We Learn About Mascot Kidnapping in the Army/Navy Football Rivalry in Today's 'Daily VICE'

We also investigate the history of a vanished public art installation, revisit Fruity Loops, and talk photography with Bruce Gilden.


We Investigate a Sinking Island on Today's 'Daily VICE'

We also meet Mongolian metal band Tengger Cavalry and check out the real-life 'X-Files.'


Two Days in Appalachia

Every person in Appalachia has a relationship with God, intentionally or otherwise. You could say the same thing about these pictures taken by Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden.


Welcome to the Photo Issue 2015

The artists in this issue work at the crossroads of photojournalism and art. Their approaches are diverse, but they share a knack for capturing the images that exist as resonant frequencies amid the cacophony.


Photographer Bruce Gilden Has a New Show Opening in London

In a rare UK exhibition, notorious street photographer points his camera at the people of London.


The Faces of Iowa Monster Arm Wrestling

A new series of portraits by photographer Bruce Gilden


The Confrontational, Contemporary Street Photography of Jonathan Auch

"There is an unspoken violence that exists in the way we treat each other on the streets in New York. Instead of trying to romanticize that, I'd rather show it plain."


Bruce Gilden's Women of Wall Street

Working 24/7, what a way to make a living.


These Photographs Rescued from the Archives of Magnum Photographers Can Be Yours

Signed prints by some of the greatest living photographers are for sale for $100 each for the next three days only.


What Makes a Good Street Photograph?

When we asked Bruce to film a new photo-critique show, he agreed on the terms that the show wouldn't suck and, if it did, we'd let him sock us in the face.