Bruce Jenner


Art Insta of the Week: Emoji Caitlyn Jenner

Yung Jake uses emoticons to channel his inner Annie Leibovitz.
Beckett Mufson
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'Vanity Fair' Cover Introduces Caitlyn Jenner to the World

She revealed her new name to the world in the magazine's June issue, which features a photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz and a profile by Pulitzer winner Buzz Bissinger.
Allie Conti

Partying at One of the UK's Oldest Trans Clubs

London's WayOut Club, one of the most popular transgender venues in the UK, just celebrated its twenty-second birthday and I was there to talk to the guests.
John Lucas, Photos: Jake Lewis

Bruce Jenner's Coming Out Is the Millennial Moon Landing

Nowhere but America could a former Olympic athlete turned mega-hit reality TV star come out on primetime television and change the whole fucking world.
Mitchell Sunderland

Transgender Men and Women Discuss the Politics of 'Passing'

We talked with members of the trans community in the UK about the pressure of hiding the fact that they're transgender in order to protect their own safety, while also acknowledging the need for greater trans visibility.
Chris Godfrey

Man or Woman, Bruce Jenner Is a Human Being

The latest 'InTouch' magazine cover is transphobia, pure and simple.
Paris Lees

We Predict Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding Guest List

This weekend, Kim Kardashian will marry Kanye West at the most important wedding ceremony since Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's nuptials in 1533. Who received coveted invitations to the event? We examine the odds.
Emalie Marthe