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How the All-Drag Movie 'Vegas in Space' Forever Changed Queer Cinema

Campy, psychedelic, and utterly bizarre, 'Vegas in Space' was one of the first truly queer midnight movies, and a cinematic revelation.
Michael Varrati

Lesbian Terrorists Use Porn as Propaganda in This Radical New Film

We talked to controversial queer filmmaker Bruce LaBruce about his new film, "The Misandrists," which mixes punk rock, political theory, and porn—and promises to piss pretty much everyone off.
Judy Berman

Artist Bruce LaBruce Thinks Gays Should Stop Selling Their Souls to the Corporate Devil

The pioneering "queercore" writer, director, and photographer talks with us about his upcoming retrospective at MoMA, gay conformity, and Andy Warhol.
John Tuite

New York’s Satanic Vector Gallery Is Closing

Satanic artist JJ Brine has decided to shut down his art gallery, one of the last few interesting spaces in the Lower East Side's sea of Chipotles and ATM machines.
VICE Staff

Ron Athey Literally Bleeds for His Art

We spoke to the controversial performance artist about self-mutilation, audience members who faint on him, and surviving the AIDS epidemic as an HIV-positive man.
Amelia Abraham

This Summer's Best Rom Com Is About an 18-Year-Old Boy Who Falls in Love with an Old Man

In filmmaker Bruce LaBruce’s new romantic comedy <i>Gerontophilia</i>, an 18-year-old boy falls in love with an 81-year-old resident at the nursing home where he works.
Mitchell Sunderland

Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce Talks About Conservative Gay Culture and Sex in Nursing Homes

"My films question not only the dominant culture, but the gay orthodoxy as well."
Regan Reid

Let's Talk About TIFF

I'm baaAAAack. In case you were wondering where I went, I took about a year off from my VICE column to direct a movie called <i>Gerontophilia</i>, which premiered at the Venice and Toronto international film festivals last month, and is currently...
Bruce LaBruce

Scary Photos for Scary Times

In this scariest of seasons—the final run-up to the interminable train wreck of a US presidential campaign—oh, and also Halloween—horror imagery is everywhere. In honor of these spooky times, I present you with some scary, previously unpublished...
Bruce LaBruce

All Hail the Fifth Coming of the iPhone

Are we going to keep on sucking Apple’s dick with our eyes blindfolded and pretend we’re not being led down the garden path? I know I am, but not without a modicum of guilt.
Bruce LaBruce

Another TIFF Bites the Dust… Again

It’s time for my second annual list of mini-reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival, which I present partly in the belief that filmmakers should not be afraid to offer critiques of the films of other filmmakers, and partly because my own...
Bruce LaBruce

Treating Actors Like Cattle at the Toronto International Film Festival

I didn’t spot any international celebrities at the party I threw at The Bovine Sex Club. They were probably off somewhere being herded through pens like bulls to slaughter. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
Bruce LaBruce