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Uncovering the Secret Locations Where the US Government Illegally Interrogates Its Captives

A conversation with the authors behind a new book about the covert "extraordinary rendition" system operated by the United States in the years after the September 11 attacks.
Bruno Bayley
VICE Loves Magnum

Peter Marlow's Incredible Photos of Eerie Crises

Peter Marlow's career has covered everything from news photography and war reporting to street photography and a much-lauded collection of portraits. I spoke to him about spotting the moments and curiosity in all types of photography.
Bruno Bayley
VICE Loves Magnum

Moises Saman's Stunning Photos of Humanity in Conflict Zones

Peruvian photographer Moises Saman's work about the Egyptian revolution willfully avoids a chronological, ordered, historical view of the uprising, instead focusing on the humanity and emotions of the participants.
Bruno Bayley
VICE Loves Magnum

Dominic Nahr's Eerie Photos from Conflict Zones and Disaster Areas

For this round of VICE Loves Magnum we spoke to Dominic Nahr, who is still running the gauntlet of selection before becoming a full Magnum member. We discussed Africa's endless potential for stories, the eeriness of post-tsunami Japan, and how a...
Bruno Bayley
VICE Loves Magnum

Bruce Gilden Takes Street Photos Like You've Never Seen Before

Bruce Gilden is most famous for his New York street photography. These days, that term might conjure up the idea of plonkers with DSLRs taking photos of Supreme-clad youths posing on street corners. But Gilden's signature style of in-your-face street...
Bruno Bayley
VICE Loves Magnum

Steve McCurry Photographs the Human Condition

Steve McCurry's photo, 'Afghan Girl,' appeared on the cover of 'National Geographic' in 1985 during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and quickly became one of the most famous photos in the world. He has documented the human impact of wars across...
Bruno Bayley
VICE Loves Magnum

The Way Christopher Anderson Sees the World Is Amazing

Some of the most-talented and celebrated documentary photographers in the world are members of the Magnum photo agency. As part of an ongoing partnership with Magnum, we'll be featuring some of their photographers over the coming weeks. First up is...
Bruno Bayley
The Catholic Guilt Issue

Hell On Earth

Situated at the southernmost tip of the Middle East, just across the Gulf of Aden from Somalia, Yemen is the region's poorest country, and one of the more heavily armed Arab nations.
Bruno Bayley, Photos: Paul Stephens
The Seeing Trails Issue

Erotic Fiction, Puritan Censorship And Gynaecological Detail

Jack Fritscher, the award-winning author of hundreds of stories and articles and 20 books, is about as informed as anyone on the history of erotic fiction, its importance, and the state of erotic publishing today.
Bruno Bayley, Photos: Mark Hemry
The What We Do is Secret Issue

Larps Of The Near Future

Everybody knows that Live Action Role Playing is the funnest way to turn your pointless existence into a thrill ride of unbounded possibilities and constant adventure, right?
Bruno Bayley, Alex Sturrock