Shanking Guys in a Prison Fight Was When I Hit Rock Bottom

I’m not thinking. I’m not human. I’m what a prison made of me.


Keeper Celebrates Too Early, Lets in Brutal, Gravity-Defying Penalty

The shot went off the crossbar and skied into the air, landing right in front of the penalty spot. Then it started bouncing.


Why Is It So Hard to Fix a Violent Jail?

Inmates are dying preventable deaths as the feds try to get local sheriffs in line.


Family of Man Who Died Following Alleged Assault by Toronto Cops Is Suing for $5 Million

Last November, police officers showed up at Rodrigo Gonzalez's Toronto apartment after his wife called 911. They had been having a verbal dispute in the middle of the night, and he had locked himself in the bathroom.


Black Lives Matter Accuses Toronto Police of Using Violent Tactics to Break Up Camp

A tense scene unfolded outside of Toronto police headquarters Monday night, where members of Black Lives Matter had set up tents in protest over a decision not to charge a police officer for killing a mentally ill black man.


The Many Crimes of the 'Sick Ripper,' the Worst Alleged Serial Killer in Connecticut History

Prosecutors say William Devin Howell killed seven people, burying them all in his "garden" behind a Subway restaurant in New Britain.


Exclusive: See Shocking Footage of British Police Officers Attacking Peaceful Protestors

Protestors found not guilty of ABH and public disorder after CCTV footage emerges of police officers punching, kneeing and choking them.


Final Word: An Email from Peter Nash

Brisbane-born former Silk Road moderator Peter Nash spent six months in an Australian prison, followed by 11 months at NYC's Metropolitan Remand Center. He declined an interview request but gave his permission to print this email.


What We Know So Far About the Texas Pool Party That Turned into a Police Brutality Scandal

A video of officers being aggressive with some African-American teens in a Dallas suburb has ignited yet another controversy about policing and race.


When Prison Guards Force Inmates to Fight

That sort of brutal violence is just "part of doing time," one former federal prisoner says.


Talking to Cambodians in the Bronx About the Khmer Rouge Genocide Tribunal

Despite many Cambodian New Yorkers' connection to the tragedy, the diaspora here isn't too focused on the proceedings in their home country.