How a Small Budapest Publishing House Is Quietly Fueling Far-Right Extremism

When the alt-right wants to put an academic imprimatur on racist ideas, it turns to Arktos Media.


Long Exposure Photos Turn Trains into Electric Ghosts

Public transportation in Budapest just gets lot more spectacular.


Marching Through Police Lines: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 3)

VICE News joined hundreds of migrants and refugees in Hungary as they attempted to march through police lines and continue on their journey to Western Europe.


Escape From Yarmouk: A Family’s Journey to Germany From Hell on Earth in Syria

VICE News followed a Palestinian family as they fled Islamic State militants in Syria’s besieged Yarmouk refugee camp, heading north through Hungary toward Western Europe.


Police Resistance at the Gateway: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 2)

VICE News speaks with refugees caught on the Hungarian-Serbian border, prevented from continuing their journey into Europe by the police.


So You've Made it to Germany: On the Ground in the New Refugee Mecca

In a matter of days Germany has transformed its reputation by welcoming thousands of migrants and refugees, taking in 20,000 people last weekend alone. We went to witness the atmosphere in Munich.


Disturbing Video Shows Migrants Being Thrown Food 'Like Animals' in Hungarian Camp

A volunteer at the camp said the choatic scenes, where Hungarian police in surgical masks threw sandwiches to clamoring people, was "like animals being fed in a pen."


Seeking Refuge in Europe: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 1)

VICE News joins refugees as they make the train journey from Hungary's capital city of Budapest in the hope of starting a new life.


One Man Dies As Hundreds Attempt to Flee Detained Train in Hungary

Elsewhere in Hungary, hundreds broke out of a border camp while others set off on foot from Budapest as authorities scrambled to contain the refugee and migrant crisis.


Shocking Images of Drowned Boy Spark Anger as Europe Disagrees Over Migrant Crisis

Disturbing photos of the drowned child, thought to be one of 11 Syrian refugees who died after two boats trying to cross the Mediterranean sank, caused an outcry on social media today.


Hungary Seals Off Budapest Train Station to Migrants and Refugees

A large crowd staged a protest outside the station a day after thousands of migrants and refugees were allowed onto trains bound for Germany and Austria.