border wall

Trump's 2020 budget is setting up yet another fight over his border wall

The president wants billions more in border wall funding than the $5.7 billion denied by Congress in December.
Alex Lubben
government shutdown

Trump ended the government shutdown without his border wall money — at least for now

The reprieve will give Republicans and Democrats more time to negotiate the $5.7 billion the president has demanded for a border wall.
Emma Ockerman

I Haven’t Paid for a Flight in Three Years Thanks to Credit Card Points

Yes, I’m gaming the credit card reward system. Here’s how you can too.
Jenny Hart
government shutdown

“I don’t see a way forward”: The shutdown talks are officially on a road to nowhere

“I have never been more depressed about moving forward than I am right now," Sen. Lindsey Graham said.
Matt Laslo

This government shutdown is about to be the longest ever. Here's how it's going.

There's no sign of the impasse breaking.
Alex Lubben

Trump is listening to right-wingers who think a shutdown would be totally awesome

The president's steady intake of conservative media and right-wing advice is making a shutdown more likely.
Matt Laslo
money brain

Growing Up Poor Taught Me How to Budget

My childhood experience with poverty may have ruined my credit, but it also gave me the power to survive my past.
Ayesha Cording
VICE Guide to Life

How to Make a Food Budget in College

Between studying and partying, it’s easy to forget to set money aside for food. Unless you wanna eat ramen and pizza rolls for the next four years, now’s a perfect time to learn how to budget.
Jubilee Baez
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A Great Date Doesn't Have to Cost a Dime

Doing something new and fun with someone can be a lot more entertaining than meeting over yet another cup of coffee.
FREE Staff

We Asked Gen Z About Their Spending Habits

“It always comes back to food.”
Rebecca Gao

Cheap Places to Travel in 2018 Where Your Dollar Stretches Further

Skip overpriced cities where a cup of coffee costs more than a steak dinner back home. Here are six places you'll actually want to visit this summer that don't cost a fortune.
Melissa Locker

The Best Music Festivals to Go to if You're a Broke Millennial

Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can see live performances for a fraction of the cost? These shows all cost less than $150.
Melissa Locker