The Brewers are Walking a Tightrope

Milwaukee has the best record in the National League and only trail the Red Sox and Yankees for the best in baseball. They're doing it with a subpar rotation and pedestrian offense. How?
Rachael McDaniel

Closing Time Comes Early: Is Change Finally Coming to the MLB Bullpen?

The 2016 MLB postseason has seen managers turn to their closers earlier and in high-leverage situations. Does that mean the stubborn nature of bullpen usage will finally evolve in the regular season too?
Christopher Crawford
super closers

Edwin Diaz Is the Reliever Seattle Has Been Waiting On

The 22-year-old would amaze anywhere he pitched, but his major league debut is even more impressive given the Mariners' bullpen history.
Mike Piellucci

The Trade Market for Closers Is Insane, and the Royals Would Be Crazy Not to Take Advantage

The Yankees got a great prospect haul for Aroldis Chapman. The Royals, who have holes to fill and a closer worth more to other teams than them, could do even better.
Steven Goldman

The Cardinals are Being Sunk by a Bad and Badly Managed Bullpen

The numbers have not been kind to Cardinals relief pitchers—nor have they been kind to manager Mike Matheny.
R.J. Anderson

It Is Time for Baseball to Fight Back Against Big Bullpen

Bullpens are too big, managers are relying on them at an unprecedented rate, and teams are becoming inflexible and less fun as a result.
Steven Goldman

The Rise of the Bullpen Has Led to the Rise of the Bullpen Catcher

Once just a starting point for a career in coaching, bullpen catchers are sticking around longer as relief corps become more strategically important.
Derek Evers
pitching trends

The Dawn of the Super Bullpen Era and the Pitching Trend That Wasn't

Last year, the Royals and Mets weren't just playing for the World Series. They were also playing to determine the league's new prevailing pitching strategy.
R.J. Anderson

Recovering Ballplayer Vol. 3: The Wade Davis Experience

The dominance of Wade Davis brings up existential questions about the nature of MLB pitching staffs.
Fernando Perez