Bureau of Land Management


The New Guy in Charge of Public Lands Thinks We Should Sell It All

The Bureau of Land Management controls more public land than any other US agency. Its newly-appointed acting head, William Pendley, has advocated for selling all of it.


Government to Burning Man Ravers: Please Poop in Bags Now

The Bureau of Land Management has suggested Burners use more "pee bottles" and "poop bags" this year.


Federal employees protecting public lands now wear oil rigs on their lapels

The Bureau of Land Management gave out new identification cards with illustrations of oil rigs and cowboys.


Public Lands Agency Ordered Staff to Promote Oil and Gas on Social Media

Staff at the Bureau of Land Management were instructed to share photos of fossil fuel development on the agency’s Flickr page, FOIA documents reveal.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump pulls back from scrapping NAFTA, GOP teases bill to avoid government shutdown, Trump contemplating "break up" of a federal court, and more.


Government Flickr Page that Used to Show Wilderness Now Only Shows Oil Drilling

So long public lands, hello fossil fuel.


Behind The Obscure Law Republicans Are Using to Gut Environmental Protections

Republicans in Congress are using the Congressional Review Act, a rarely-used law, to rip away protections for public lands.


Republicans Want to Take the Public Out of Public Lands Decisions

The GOP is set to kill a rule that some rural communities have embraced.


Republicans Are Trying to Run a Long Con on Public Lands

A new bill, H.R. 622, would open the door for future alt-right occupations in America’s wildest places.


Trump's Hiring Freeze Will Devastate Our National Parks

Our overcrowded National Parks need to hire 8,000 temporary employees to make sure you can go camping this summer.