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The Coolest Place to Get a Drink in Midtown Manhattan Is the New Taco Bell

With its expanding cantinas in New York City, the fast-food chain proves yet again that it's perpetually topical—and might just take over the world.
Alex Norcia
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Damn, Justin Bieber Probably Eats His Burritos Like a Normal Human

That viral photo apparently showing a hoodied Bieber chomping into the middle of a burrito was a hoax perpetrated by YouTube pranksters Yes Theory.
Alex Robert Ross

Innocent Burrito Was ‘The Only Casualty’ in Car Crash, Sheriff Says

Thoughts and prayers for the burrito.
Jelisa Castrodale

Trail of Corn Dog Debris Helps Catch Thieves Who Stole Virgin Mary Statue

Father Aaron Huberfeld hoped his prayers would bring back the statue, but the discarded corn dog bits leading to the Kwik Trip helped, too.
Jelisa Castrodale

Machaca Burrito Recipe

Typically prepared using rehydrated dried beef or pork, this version of the popular Mexican dish uses brisket instead.
Justin Ayoub
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Taco Bell Begins Quietly Testing Burritos Stuffed with Fries

SoCal-style 'California burritos' may be coming to a Taco Bell near you.
Mayukh Sen
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Give Thanks for Leftovers with These Day-After Recipes

You don't even have to share these with family.
Munchies Staff
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These Are the Most Delicious Vegan Burritos You'll Ever Make

With aromatic basmati rice, “chick'n” strips, bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, avocados, and vegan cheese, this burrito won't leave you wanting.
Munchies Staff
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This Freaky-Ass Burrito Is Packed with Eggs, Sriracha, and Lamb

It makes sense after a few drinks.
Munchies Staff

Lawsuit Claims That Chipotle Isn't Paying Employees Overtime

This class action suit is the most recent in a string of legal setbacks for the besieged burrito chain.
Nick Rose
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This Chorizo, Egg, and Potato Breakfast Burrito Is the Start to a Perfect Day

No matter how gloomy it is outside, no matter how much you’re dreading Monday, no matter how crippling your hangover is, a breakfast burrito is the cure.
Munchies Staff
Los Angeles

This Pho-Stuffed Burrito Is Better than It Sounds

"Everyone assumes that I’m going to serve it with a dipping broth but I just make sure that the beef is so juicy that it releases the pho broth when you bite into it.”
Javier Cabral