• 10.27.17

      Teens Disguised as Talking Bushes Are Tearing a Small Town Apart

      The pranksters had been hiding near a small New Jersey park and saying hello to passersby, which some residents found pretty funny. Others wanted them arrested.

    • 6.19.14

      It's Time to Shut Up About Your Pubes

      Do we have to love our pubes? Is an apparently obligatory pride in our underbrush as unhelpful as the previously obligatory shame? You do not need to defend your bod. But you also don't need to keep talking about it.

    • 11.29.13

      A Vandal Has Been Trimming Dick Sculptures Out of Bushes

      A vandal has been invading the Windsor Sculpture Park in Ontario, Canada, creating dicks out of bushes. The expert bush trimmer has not yet been identified, but their latest move was literally just spelling the word "penis" out of garland.