Photos of Tasmania’s Sad, Burned Out Wilderness

On January 13 a series of dry storms passed over Tasmania, setting fires with lightning strikes.


What Will Kill You This Summer?

Make no mistake, summer wants you dead. In the interests of public safety, here's what to avoid if you want to make it through to March.


Hundreds of Koalas Were Killed for Their Own Good in Australia

Though the public was understandably saddened to learn that 700 of the cute critters had been put down by the Australian government, an expert told us it was either that or mass starvation.


Your Summer Guide to Australian Bushfire Arson

Thanks to a handful of psychologists around the country, the public as well as the authorities have a much clearer understanding of why some people just really want to set stuff on fire.


Some Firefighters Got Showered in Shit

A helitack can draw 350 gallons of water into a tank and dump it on a bushfire. It can also dump the same amount of raw sewage on a team of 29 firefighters as they battle a blaze some 19 miles south of Port Macquarie on Australia’s east coast.