Busta Rhymes


It's VMA Day so Here's a Video of Lil Wayne Performing at the 2011 VMAs

The VMAs are always a place to make a statement


Lil Wayne, Wittier Than Comedy, Proves Himself Once Again

Plus, "La La" features Busta Rhymes.


A Year of Lil Wayne: Q-Tip on the Brilliance of Lil Wayne

"He’s one of my favorites, as an MC, as a visionary—like, he’s just dope. He’s just so dope."


A Tribe Called Quest’s Generation Is Now and Forever: A Conversation with Q-Tip

A Tribe Called Quest premieres the video for "Dis Generation," and Q-Tip explains the importance of art.


A Year of Lil Wayne: Renaissance Rap 2014

Speaking of Raekwon, how about that time Q-Tip and Busta Rhyme got Rae and Wayne on a song together?


A Year of Lil Wayne: "I'm So Hood (Remix)"

The next step in DJ Khaled's march to the top did even more to open a lane for Wayne as a mainstream figure in rap.


Yesterday on the Internet: The Grammys get political

The Grammys bill themselves as music’s biggest night — the night where grandparents around the world finally get to see the music of promising upstarts, like Adele and Beyoncé.


Watch A Tribe Called Quest Bring "Dis Generation" to Kimmel

They were joined, once again, by Busta Rhymes.


A Tribe Called Quest Will Release a Final Album in November

Q-Tip announced the project, which will feature new music from Phife Dawg recorded before his death.


Hodgy Returns With New Mixtape, 'Dukkha,' in Advance of His New Album

It dropped the same day that he hinted at a Nelly Furtado collaboration.


Kanye West, Andre 3000, D'angelo, and More Paid Tribute to Phife Dawg at Harlem's Apollo Theater

A building packed with hip-hop royalty gave the Five Foot Assassin a tearful sendoff.


Busta Rhymes Has a New All-Star Mixtape Called 'The Abstract Went on Vacation'

Chance the Rapper, MF DOOM, Mary J. Blige, and tons more are featured, with production from Pharrell, J. Dilla, Black Milk, and others.