Inspect the Anatomy of a Party with Gary Clark Jr.'s Video Trilogy: "BYOB" / "Can't Sleep" / "Shake"

In months Jr. had a baby, got hitched and played Coachella, and now he drops three videos about a man, a woman, and a party. Well, what else is there?


Hanging Out with Jeremy Corbyn's New Left-Wing Fan Club at their Boozy 'Jamboree'

Supporters of the fiery Labour leader are working to keep the party from being taken back by the centrists.


Fight Night in West Texas

In a run-down arena in Fort Stockton, Texas, a young contender seeking opponents decided to take matters into his own hands and promote his own fight card.


The Untapped Creativity of the Chinese Internet

So in love, will never feel tired again, an online exhibition by Chinese net artist Ying Miao, serves as a counterpoint to the West's view of the Chinese internet as bland and heavily censored.


Project Your Art At BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) Tonight At The Autumn Bowl

Nuit Blanche NY hosts a collaborative art gathering to bring together artists and spectators.


[#DIGART] 10 Reasons Why Digital Art Doesn't Need The Traditional Art Market

Perhaps we should consider the digital art market its own entity, rather than try to conform it to the (dated) standards of the art world.