Inside Milktoberfest: The Mormon Alternative to Oktoberfest

For its second year, the dry campus of Brigham Young University celebrated the annual holiday with a whole lot of chocolate milk.


​Steve Young Says NFL Ref Gave Him Good Call in 1985 Hoping He'd Take his Daughter to Dinner

In a new book, Steve Young says a ref gave him a favorable call in a 1985 game because he wanted him to take his daughter out to dinner.


Bored Guy Busted for Cooking Meth Just to See if He Remembered How

He came clean and told the cops he "intentionally made ammonia to prove to himself he had not forgotten how to make meth."


BYU Punished a Rape Victim for Breaking Their 'Honor Code,' Student Claims

Utah's Mormon-run Brigham Young University requires that students "manifest a strict commitment to the law of chastity." When Madi Barney was raped, she claims, she was accused of violating this oath.


Jimmer Fredette's Journey From Top to Bottom

Jimmer Fredette was the biggest star at BYU and a top 10 draft pick in the NBA. Then, he was a benchwarmer. Now, he's in the D-League, trying to claw his way back onto the big stage in front of tiny crowds with the Westchester Knicks.


Jimmer Fredette Is the Steph Curry of the D-League

Jimmer Fredette was a star in college and then he was a washout of a lottery pick. Now in the D-League, he's back on top again with the Westchester Knicks. Can he ride this second wave into the NBA?


BYU's Mascot Throws Down a Triple Decker Dunk

The mighty cougar pounces upon the net.


Shoot Until They Tell You To Stop, Or The Jimmer Fredette Lesson

After being cut by San Antonio, former NCAA star and NBA Draft Lottery pick Jimmer Fredette likely is out of the league. Why was the shot-jacking guard considered so good in the first place?


College Football Weekend Watch Party: TCU-Texas Tech, a Potential Big 12 Upset

We are actually advising you to watch Kansas vs. Rutgers. Seriously.


College Football Weekend Watch Party: Boise State-BYU, The Little Big Program Battle

Non-Power Five conference party crashers Boise State and BYU headline this weekend's most appealing college football games.


Pretty, Stupid, Full of Grace: Appreciating College Football's Hail Mary

From BYU's last-second victory over Nebraska to Doug Flutie's epochal heave, the Hail Mary is one of college football's most beautiful—and inexplicable—plays.


BYU Beat Nebraska on a Hail Mary with One Second Left

BYU came back to beat Nebraska on a Hail Mary touchdown pass with one second left in the game.