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New York's Law Banning Dancing Will Be Repealed, According to Reports

The Cabaret Law, a 91-year-old law that prohibited dancing in bars, is expected to be overturned on Tuesday.


Everything You Need to Know About New York's No-Dancing Law

The controversial cabaret license might be on its way out.


New York City Council to Hold Hearing About Law Banning Dancing

The meeting to discuss the Cabaret Law will take place Monday, June 19 at City Hall.


Boiler Room Throwing Show With Juliana Huxtable to Fight New York's Cabaret Law

The event this Thursday was put together by Boiler Room and Dance Liberation Network in support of their Let NYC Dance campaign.


New York's DIY Community Convenes at Market Hotel to Try to Repeal the City's No-Dance Law

Hundreds of people meet last night in Brooklyn to voice concerns over the challenges facing the nightlife scene.


A Coalition of Advocacy Groups Are Meeting New York's Cultural Commissioner to Talk About DIY Venue Safety

They will meet with Tom Finkelpearl of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs later this month.


The Racist Legacy of NYC’s Anti-Dancing Law

The cabaret law—and its prejudicial history—is one of the city's darkest secrets.


How Mayor Giuliani Decimated New York City Nightlife

As mayor of NYC from 1994 through 2001, Rudy Giuliani demonized nightlife as our city's bastard child in order to make things safe for tourists and co-op owners.