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Cable News Is Already Casting for a Trump Replacement

If the Democrats take the president down, they may take down cable news's ratings with him. Who is going to be the next star the press fixates on?


WATCH: Cable pundits trash Trump's military parade idea

Cable had a field day hating on the whole parade thing — even "Fox & Friends"


Trump Decided to Sign the Tax Bill Today to Prove Cable News Wrong

The president had reportedly planned on waiting until January to avoid risking automatic cuts to Medicaid. He changed his mind on Friday.


Covfefe: The Trump twitter typo heard around the world

Last night’s top story on the internet: a dark tale, wherein millions of Americans ganged up to cyberbully a quasi-literate man over one misspelled word.


The 5 types of stock footage you’ll see on the news after a cyberattack

As the ransomware known as WannaCry spread globally, broadcast news was there to illustrate the gravity of the situation, with their tried and tested arsenal of information technology stock footage.


FOX News Just Canned Bill O'Reilly

The network's most popular host will not be returning to 'The O'Reilly Factor.'


Hijack Headlines in 'NNC News'

Fake news? Censorship? Alternative Facts? 'NNC News' has it all covered.


America Is Always Ready for War

All it took for pundits and politicians to embrace Donald Trump was a missile strike.


Rachel Maddow Tells Desus and Mero About How She Uses Sci-Fi to Contextualize Trump

The MSNBC host visited the VICELAND show to talk about our new president, Chris Hayes, and Obama's vacation.


American news networks are trying to make "Bremain" a thing

If the term "Brexit" annoys you, just wait until you hear "Bremain."


I Watched Cable News for 12 Hours on Super Tuesday and Learned Nothing

Well, I learned one thing: Wolf Blitzer is a machine.