How to Quit Everything in 2018

So far I've quit weed, booze, blow, cigarettes, dairy, red meat, porn—and I'm not done yet.
Alex Wood
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I Tried All the Weird Internet Drugs Left in the UK

And spent an afternoon snorting angina medication.
Kevin EG Perry
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How Bad is a Serious Caffeine Habit?

Key question: How stressed out are you right now?
Juno DeMelo
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Some Old People Want to Stop Teenagers from Drinking Red Bull in the UK

The killjoys are out in force, and they want our youth to stop binging on caffeine.
Carlton Férment

Politicians Just Lost a Fight Against Buckfast, Scotland's Favorite Cheap Caffeinated Booze

The drink that "gets you fucked fast" is blamed for many social problems, but the SNP just stopped a Labour attempt to get it banned.
Liam Turbett
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What the Fuck Is Up with Coffee?

Is coffee slowly killing us, or turning us into an army of invincible warriors with iron dicks?
Drew Millard

We Spoke to Protein World About Its Highly Controversial 'Beach Body Ready' Ad

A poster of an apparently semi-conscious woman in a bikini has outraged some Britons, but the company seems unconcerned about the protests.
Nell Frizzell

Public Swimming Pools Are Even More Disgusting Than You Thought

Not only are they filled with other peoples' sweat and pee, but a new study found that pool water contains traces of insect repellant, pharmaceutical drugs, and other chemicals.
Arielle Pardes

How Much Caffeine Will Kill You?

The FDA released a strong warning against pure powdered caffeine last week, citing the risk of caffeine overdose and adding that "a single teaspoon [is] roughly equivalent to the amount in 25 cups of coffee." That's a lot of caffeine.
Arielle Pardes

Energy Drinks, Aggression, and the Adolescent Brain

We talked to scientists at the world's first International Energy Drinks Conference.
David Allegretti

We Asked Three Doctors How Illegal Drugs Affect Your Sperm

The older you get, the less wise it is to habitually use cocaine, meth, weed, acid, or heroin—especially if you're planning on having a child in the near future. We got an expert panel to explain just what drugs will do to your "little swimmers."
Dave Schilling