california drought


Here's How NASA Satellites Can Help You Conserve Water

Science and conservation went hand in hand to help track levels of one of California's most important water sources.


Here’s How California’s Bounce Back From Drought Looked From Space

Landsat satellites and airborne observatories monitored the state’s driest period in recorded history.


How to Kill Your Lawn and Grow a Food Forest During a Drought

An experimental farming project at the Los Angeles Arboretum demonstrates that fruits and vegetables can still be grown in rain-deprived areas without weekly watering.


How This Distillery Is Turning Thin Air Into Booze

In the midst of California's serious drought, one Bay Area-based spirits company sought a more sustainable solution to creating vodka.


Growing Grains Is Giving a Second Life to My Family Farm

My carrots and potatoes taste better than ever because growing grains revitalizes the soil. Also, I just made another cash crop for myself—just like that.


The California Almond Board Has Had Enough with the Almond Shaming

California is four years into a massive drought and their Almond Board wants almond shaming to stop.


Beverly Hills Can't Be Bothered with California's Water Conservation Laws

The Los Angeles area municipality was just named by California officials as being one of only four cities in the state not adequately ensuring that its residents conserve water during the ongoing statewide drought.


The Government Is Being Sued For Letting Nestlé Bottle Drought-Stricken California’s Water

The US Forest Service is being sued for allowing Nestlé to siphon water from San Bernardino National Forest by way of an expired permit from 1988.


New California Laws Aim to Stop Marijuana Growers From Wrecking the Environment

California’s governor signed three new bills into law on Friday that attempt to regulate an industry that has been blamed for worsening the state’s drought and causing environmental damage.