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Why California Is Only Going to Keep Burning

A look into the one massive utility company allegedly responsible for many of California's wildfires and dozens of deaths.
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California's largest power company PG&E filed for bankruptcy after the state's deadliest wild fire

Pacific Gas & Electric is being sued for its role in the Camp Fire.
california wildfires

California wildfires could usher in a "new wave of homelessness"

California already has the highest homeless population of any state.
Tess Owen
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These rescue workers are trying to find hundreds still missing from the California wildfire

At least 77 people are dead, and more than 600 people are still unaccounted for in California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire
Ani Ucar
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Raiders Cancel Practice Over Air Quality Due to California Wildfires

Oakland coach Jon Gruden held a team meeting about the Camp Fire, telling players to keep perspective on the tragedy.
Liam Daniel Pierce
california wildfires

Celebrities Are Taking Their Wildfire Response Offline

The rich and famous are getting lots of attention for evacuating their SoCal mansions. Many are pitching in to help out with disaster relief.
Taylor Hosking
california wildfires

I’m Watching the Place I Grew Up Burn from Thousands of Miles Away

California’s devastating Camp Fire is a solemn reminder to look out for one another, wherever we might live.
Daniel Stächelin
california wildfires

Photos capture the utter devastation from the deadliest wildfires in California history

Hundreds of people are still missing, and officials warn the death toll will likely spike over the next few days.
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california wildfires

At least 42 people have died in the deadliest fire in California's history

“I want to recover as many remains as we possibly can, as soon as we can."
David Gilbert
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Shocking Video Shows Family Driving Through a Devastating California Wildfire

A woman evacuating Paradise captured footage of her drive out of the neighborhood ravaged by the Camp fire.
Drew Schwartz
california wildfires

Kim Kardashian prays for other wildfire evacuees from her escape aircraft with a view

"Pray for Calabasas," Kardashian West wrote on her Instagram story.
Rex Santus
california wildfires

California’s largest wildfire ever has destroyed an area nearly the size of Los Angeles

The Mendocino fire complex has consumed an area almost as large as Los Angeles.
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