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Every Trick Your Waiter Uses to Rip You Off on Wine

A sprawling wine list can be overwhelming, and if you don't know much about wine, there's a good chance you're going to get swindled.

Meet the 'Slutty' Winemaker Who's Putting His Phone Number on His Bottles

Brandon Allen, the self-proclaimed “Director of Important Stuff and Slutty Winemaker” at SLO Down Wines, thinks you should just pick the bottle with the label you like best.
Willie Orbison

How Uber Is Changing the Way Drunk People Take Wine Tours

Depending on the size of the vehicles, it works out to about $35 to $45 an hour. Tasting room fees and meals aren't included, essentially making it a no-frills, low-cost alternative to a traditional wine tour.
Sarika Chawla

Meet the Starving Artist Winemakers of Sonoma County

Idle Cellars' winemakers don’t own any property—not a tasting room, not a vineyard, not even the presses, tanks, and bottling machinery. Nonetheless, their award-winning, respected wines have a cult following.
Willie Orbison

Robots May Save California's Wine Industry From the Drought

UC Davis is now developing cutting-edge winemaking technologies like irrigation sensors and robots that can reduce the amount of water needed to make one gallon of precious wine. That’s about a 90 percent improvement, by the way.
Javier Cabral

Forest Fires Could Make California Wines Taste Like Salami and Wet Ashtrays

In 2008, smoke from forest fires blanketed California's Anderson Valley, imbuing the grapes grown there with "smoke taint" that ended up overwhelming all the other notes in the bottle a couple years later.
Munchies Staff