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living with jaguars

Jaguars Literally Cannot Resist Calvin Klein’s ‘Obsession for Men’

Scientists spray the fragrance on camera traps to attract jaguars for research.
Lisa Cumming

Raf Simons Is the Future of American Fashion

Raf Simons's appointment to chief creative director of Calvin Klein not only brings a new degree of cachet and international appeal to the American brand, it has the possibility of reinvigorating New York City's place in the global fashion paradigm.
Jian DeLeon
Internet Exploring

Young Thug Says "There Is No Such Thing as Gender" and Frank Ocean Says Stuff About Music in New Calvin Klein Ads

We're really here for Young Thug's beautiful teeth.
Sarah MacDonald

Drone Vandalism Is Here and Its First Victim Is Kendall Jenner

Hey, at least she's getting attention.
Jordan Valinsky at Motherboard

Drone Vandalism Is Here and Its First Victim Is Kendall Jenner

Hey, at least she's getting attention.
Jordan Valinsky

My Eyes Are Down Here: Calling Bushy Eyebrows 'Exotic' Is Insulting

White people keep giving me backhanded compliments because of my brow game, and I wish they would stop.
Christine Estima
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Here Are the Real, Definitely Not Fake Untouched Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Photos

People are saying his photos were Photoshopped. But we've got the *REAL* original pictures.
Noisey Staff

Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ad Will Make You Belieb He's a Sex God

Although the ads confirm his sex appeal, they fail to fix all of Bieber's public relations problems. Even though he looks like a man, it's still a question as to whether he will act like one in 2015.
John Norris

No One Here Gets Out Alive

A killer fashion shoot with hatchets, menacing models, and bloodied bodies.
This week in music and fashion

This Week in Music and Fashion: Lykke Li, Sam Smith, Pharrell, and Odd Future

Lykke Li makes her design debut, Sam Smith teams up with Calvin Klein, Pharrell has yet another collaboration on the way, and Odd Future drop their new Golf Wang lookbook.
Marissa G. Muller
The Profiles Issue

Inside Out

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a pervy TSA agent, just scanning through endless bodies all day long? Or to have the ultimate clichéd superpower of X-ray vision? Well, it's time for a big reveal.
Nick Veasey

Peeping Tom

It's pretty creepy to leer. But we all do it, especially when the summer sun is out and beautiful people are wearing glorified underwear on the street. Wouldn't it be nice if the object of your ogling could feel your eyes upon them and relish in it and...
Mario Chavarría